Serving from March 10, 2016 to September 2017


2 Nephi 31:20

Wherefore, ye must press forward with a steadfastness in Christ, having a perfect brightness of hope, and a love of God and of all men. Wherefore, if ye shall press forward, feasting upon the word of Christ, and endure to the end, behold, thus saith the Father: Ye shall have eternal life.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Back to Claypole to visit!

Hey you Guys!
Transfers are this week and I don’t know if I’ll be leaving or staying
here in Alejandro Korn. Everyone thinks I’ll be leaving but I don’t want
to because we have so many investigators that are preparing for
baptism and there are so many inactive members that are active now,
and I just love it here in Alejandro Korn. My companion and I now know
for sure that through our obedience, God will do his part and give us
success. This week I had exchanges in Burzaco and Claypole. They were
both back to back so we I wasn’t in my area for almost three days. Poor
baby my companion, I feel bad. but she did so awesome while I was
gone. Because we had 5 investigators at church. Here in ALejandro Korn
its really easy for people to attend church but to get baptized they
want more preparation. My companion and I love it that they have this
desire to come to church and do what’s right and partake of the
sacrament. When I went back to Claypole this week, which was my first
area in the mission. It seemed so different because I think when I
arrived there I didn’t understand how people are in Argentina, the
culture, the language, everything. And now, I understand everything! I
wasn’t able to see really anyone but I’m just so happy to come back and
see how it is and the ward. Also this week we had a capilla Abierta
which is like an open church and people come into the church and the
sisters always do the presentation and do the whole tour because, well
the president that organizes these programs says that the sisters are
cuter. Haha. No, but it was really fun. we contacted a lot of people
to come to the event and a lot of families showed up during it. I love
the mission so much and I’m just so happy to be here in Argentina
serving the people. I know this church is true because I honestly
cannot do these huge changes in the lives of these people. But through
the help of the gospel and the love of Jesus Christ everything is
possible. I love this gospel and to be a missionary. I know that
Thomas S Monson is a prophet of God and truly helps us to guide our
families and our lives in the right direction.

Exchanges in Burzaco and Claypole! I went back to my first area!
Capilla Abierta! Alejandra was my companion for the day. So sweet!

Some of my favorite sisters!
Lunch! We always eat pizza and Sandwichs with milanesa here in Argentina! Haha.
My companion hit her 1 year mark so of course we had to buy ice cream!

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Feeling Blessed

Hey family!
I hope you all had a great Easter. I truly did feel the spirit so
strong here in the mission this Easter. What truly Jesus Christ did for
us so that we can have this lovely plan for us, for everyone! This
week I had exchanges in 2 areas and I loved it. I love helping other
sisters and helping them have success in their areas and just enjoying
the mission because it’s not easy. The hardest thing honestly, is when
your companion doesn’t want to work hard and you do! It happens
sometimes, I’m just so blessed to have my companion and that we both
have a lot of time in the mission and we just have such strong desires
to work hard. This week we are receiving so many fruits. A family that
we found during the week came to church! The dad Juan, he’s a less
active and got baptized a longtime ago and his daughters Naiara and
Nancy came to the movie night and church on Sunday! This family is so
sweet and just so prepared, were going to set a date for baptism for
this Sunday. We believe they really can make this amazing decision. I
love the mission so much. On Saturday, we helped a member do a craft
for Easter for the primary and then we helped a less active and her
husband clean and organize their house. I absolutely loved it because
I love love love organizing. Well I love you all and hope you feel my
Hermana Davis

We made crepes for my 13 months in the mission!
Movie night in the church!
Chocolate egg for Easter!

We won in our district for finding the most investigators. We won ice cream!
Things my companion got me for Easter!

Easter Sunday!
Playing soccer with the district and I’m absolutely horrible at playing
but that’s okay! Haha.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Happy Easter

Hey everyone!
I hope you all have an awesome Easter this week and remember the
purpose of why we have Easter and the focus it has on Jesus Christ.
This is my invitation for everyone. To watch the Easter video from the
church and feel the love and great sacrifice Jesus Christ made for us.
So I haven’t told you all how our schedule is now, when it all changed
in January. But we wake up at 7 every morning, pray, and exercise for
30 minutes. 8:30 we start personal study, and then at 9 we plan for
the whole day. From 10:30-1 we do a little proselyting. Lunch at 1
with members. And then we do some more proselyting after. And then at
7 were in the apartment to have companion study and language study.
The sisters we can’t proselyte when its dark outside so we end our days
really early and when we start winter here in the next month we’ll have
to be in our apartment at 6! Haha. But it’s okay. A lot of things
happened this week, so I’ll send pictures to show you all how it went!
I love you guys so much and thank you for your support and love.
Chau, con mucho amor,
Hermana Davis

These photos are of the Open Church, the ward had in Brandsen, another
area. We divisions and i was with an hermana and her two kids, to
knock on doors. Let me just say that was interesting. And some more
pictures of our zone.

Weekly planning without electricity! I love Argentina!

13 months in the mission! How crazy....

We are rain ready, with our coats and our adorable rain boots. Lol.

Fast Week!

Hello world!
This week went by so fast and can’t even remember what happened! Just
kidding. Lol.
On Monday, we ended pday a little early so we can teach an
investigator named Gabriela. She said during the lesson that she’s
looking for a church that’s true, because she’s catholic but doesn’t
believe in the virgin Mary and wants to obey all the commandments. So
we were like perfect! This is the true church! Haha. At night we made
no bake cookies but we cooked the chocolate and sugar too long so they
didn’t turn out that well. Haha.
On Tuesday, we found a family Gonzalez, and the funniest thing that
happened when we were teaching. One of the friends of this family came
in the door and wanted to kiss us on the cheek because that’s how they
say hi here, my companion said to this guy that was like 23 years old
that we can only shake his hand. I then explained to him why we can’t.
And he responded saying to me "But why? Lips are so delicious and
beautiful and you are very cute!" He said that to me, two seconds
later my face so red and I was embarrassed. Haha. That lesson went
really interesting after. Haha.
Wednesday not that much happened. We passed by a few of inactives. And
had mission correlation with our ward mission leader.
The rest of the week was just finding new people to teach! We found 10
new investigators this week to teach. I love Alejandro Korn and the
people here. They are so prepared. This week will be even more full of
things to do with exchanges to capilla abiertas. I love you all have a
great week!
Hermana Davis

Lunch with my companion!

Every night we eat pizza with Hermana Masiel!

We’re running in the mornings now in the church.

My favorite friend! La vaca!

Eating cookies and milk at night because why not?

Making cinnamon yummy!

I did my companions hair and put some make up on her. I love doing makeovers!

Leaving conference...with our happy faces. Don't mind my double chin, I know I'm fat. Lol.


Eating yummy oreo milk cake that's from Brazil. One of the elders made it for us!

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Rough Week

Hey Family!
This week was very different and a little hard for me.
So on Monday, we bought a ton of things for our apartment! We didn’t
have a lot of things for our kitchen and we wanted to make vegetable
empanadas which were so delicious! That was really fun. We met the new
Elders in our ward. Their doing white wash so they don’t know anything
about the area, it’s kinda funny, Pobrecitos. They’re both blonde with
blue eyes so it should be interesting them working in Alejandro Korn.
At night, we called the mission office to get our bikes fixed and to
get a huge new map because my companion is blind. Haha. No just
kidding. We want to work better because we have a huge amount of
people to visit and they don’t fit in the map. Like we have about 400
old investigators. It’s crazy.

Tuesday, my companion had an interview with president Calquin. So we
went all the way to Banfield, and I was just waiting patiently for her
to finish. The interview was longer than I thought. It was almost
three hours. And this day presidents son was leaving on his mission to
Peru and the new missionaries were all arriving to the mission house.
Well of course I wanted to get to know all the new missionaries. They
all arrived and they had their introduction for the mission and the
assistants were trying to talk in English and they couldn’t it was
hilarious. I then started talking to the two elders that were from the
U.S. They had tons of questions and I was responding honestly but I
don’t think that was smart, because they then got a little scared but
they’re fine. Haha. They asked me, SO is it true we’re in the most
dangerous mission in Argentina? And I said yeah pretty much, the
elders normally don’t walk around with anything only BOM to give out.
So that was the morning and the afternoon. We got a call from Hna
Guevara who is inactive and wants us to visit her. So right when we go
to our area we visited her, and her daughters kids aren’t baptized. She
wants the best for her daughters so asked us to teach them. We are now
teaching her daughter Julieta, she’s 12 years old and set a date for
baptism. April 9th, and she’s very excited and has such a strong
testimony. At night my companion shared with me why she had an
interview. She’s going through some hard times right now, I actually
went through the same trial she’s going through before the mission. But
she’s passing through it right now. It hurts me a lot that she’s hurting
and I know that I was her companion for these short amount of days so
I can learn something and help her feel my love and Heavenly fathers
love. Hermana Navarette is so sweet and I just want the best for her.

On Wednesday, We had lunch with Hna Nina, she’s always cooks the best
food every Wednesday. In the afternoon we passed by a few people, and
I’m not sure if you guys remember the couple, Valentina and Santos.
They attended church a few times, and Valentina had cancer, well we
passed by to visit them, and we heard the most terrible news ever that
Valentina passed away. This news just broke my heart. We said a prayer
with Santos to give him comfort and I shared my experience with Betty,
that I know what he’s going through, and that cancer really is the
worst thing ever but with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ we can
overcome these hard times. Santos really is so special, were trying to
help the best we can so he can live with his wife again. At about 6 we
received a call that Hermana Navarrette will be going home...This news
and this day was just the worst for me. I don’t know what else I could
do. The pain I had in my heart for Santos and for my companion, just
hurt me emotionally. I know that everything that we go through in life
is for a purpose and this week I learned that if we have courage to
repent everything will be better in the end. It will be hard at first
but if we have faith, it’ll all be okay. At night my companion had to
talk to her mom so we went to an internet cafe really late. And this
story is a little funny but terrible! Haha. When we arrived my
companion started to write her mom and I tried to sit in the seat next
to her but the man working said I cant because the boss doesn’t like
it. So I tried to share the seat with my companion and then she said
we can’t do that either. So I just stood for about an hour, being 9 at
night I got tired so I ended up squatting near the floor. A man walked
in and bought a computer to use, he then said to me that I should sit
in the seat, and I said they won’t let me because I need to rent a
computer to use the seat. So he then started yelling because we share
the gospel, its late, there’s no one in the cafe and I’m in a skirt,
crying because what’s going. This man then offered to pay for the
computer so I can use the seat. You don’t know how mad I was after
this, but really? Haha. I love all Gods children. Haha. That wasn’t the
end of the day, not yet. After at 3 in the morning, we heard a buzzing
sound like a huge bug. So we then turned the lights on and it was a
huge beetle in my companions bed! Eww! I couldn’t sleep at all during
the night.

Thursday, my companion left in the morning, and then my companion
Hermana Biesinger arrived, she’s from New York but grew up in Utah.
She’s so sweet and loving. I know that well work here great in
Alejandro Korn. It was really hard to change my companion because I
really loved Hna Navarrette. At night we then had The family home

Friday, Was the conference for the leaders and it was all day so we
didn’t have that much time to work, but I have so much energy and
excited to work harder and help the sisters complete their goals. At
night was new beginnings, and our investigator, Julieta showed up. I
think she enjoyed it.

Saturday, We taught Brisa, she’s 17 years old with a 10 month baby but
has a desire to change her life and wants the best for her baby. We
also set a date for her for baptism April 30th! She’s excited and ready
for a change.

Sunday, Rodrigo, Brisa and Juliets came to church and they all enjoyed
it. Hna Biesinger and I are very happy for the progress with our
investigators and the help we have here. I’m excited for this week and
the success to come. I love you all and hope you have a great week!

Hermana Davis

My mom, me and my daughter! Three generations.
Waiting for the train.

New beginnings with Julieta and her family!
My lovely crocs and just wanted to tell everyone I love you!

The Birds that always wake us up in the morning!
Clothing drive!
Family Home Evening with my new companion, Hna Biesinger!

Traveling to the Leader conference at 7:30 in the morning!
We ate canelones! It’s like a pancake burrito.
The old district is united once again!

Saturday, April 1, 2017

New Companion again

Hey family and Friends!
This week was absolutely crazy. On Monday, my companion and I had to
go shopping for some things and was crazy because it took three hours
to find a bank that accepts her debit card. But that’s okay because I
bought myself Crocs. Everyone uses them here so I’ll make it popular in
the US if it isn’t yet. Haha. Tuesday, we passed by the Pascale family,
and they’re doing awesome. Said that they’ll come on Sunday to church.
This family is inactive but are trying to reactivate and they have
desires to come to church just Satan works hard with them. Don’t listen
to Satan, he’s bad. Haha. But were working this family because they
aren’t active and they have a daughter, Melina who is 13 years old who
isn’t baptized. So its great they’re progressing. They came to church
last Sunday but yesterday I don’t know what happened. Wednesday was
Maravillosa! Haha. We found a family of 4, and found them by giving
out Books of Mormon. They wanted to learn more, so we taught them part
of the restauraciĆ³n. And they are really excited to learn more and
feel the love of Jesus Christ in their lives. Thursday, we went to the
dentist because I had a really bad cavity but it’s all better now.
Friday not much happened, visited a few inactives and contacts that
were interested.
Saturday the big day!
We got the call in the morning, that my companion is going to leave
and I’ll stay in Alejandro Korn B. And my companion will be Hermana
Navarette. I already knew her because she was in my first zone in the
my first area. She’s from Chile and is just so adorable. They also told
me in the call that I’ll be the new sister leader. So I’ll be having
exchanges with the sisters making sure everything is okay and teaching
them how to be a better missionary. I’m so exciting for this calling. I
love changes in the mission. On Sunday, was Goodbyes. It was really
sad because it was her first area and we just were truly best friends,
we got really close the last few weeks. But that’s okay, Heavenly
Father knows why. But we had two investigators at church today.
Ludmila and Rodrigo, there brother and sister and are just so cute.
Ludmila is 11 and Rodrigo is 9, when we left church Rodrigo was
singing the primary song "Follow the prophet", He loved it because he’s
very intelligent and knows everything in the bible and the song talks
about them. In the afternoon my companion showed up, and right when
she arrived we had a lesson. We showed to our lesson, thinking they
wouldn’t be home because it was a contact we had in the street. But
they were home. actually waiting for us to show up! We’re teaching now
a new couple named Nancy and Eologio, they’re both from Peru and have
two kids who are so cute, They’re looking for peace in their lives and
the help of God to find a job so they can provide for their kids. I
love the gospel, because it really is for everyone and will help them
with their lives if they trust him and do their part. I’m so excited to
be a sister leader and have a new companion. I love the mission so
much and everything I learn here. Love you all!

Hermana Davis

Internet Cafe with Hna Moreta!

Saying Goodbye ):
Hermana Navarete!

My Apartment!

We bought watches! Mines the black.

El campo!
1 year in the mission pic! Sorry it’s a little late!