Serving from March 10, 2016 to September 2017


2 Nephi 31:20

Wherefore, ye must press forward with a steadfastness in Christ, having a perfect brightness of hope, and a love of God and of all men. Wherefore, if ye shall press forward, feasting upon the word of Christ, and endure to the end, behold, thus saith the Father: Ye shall have eternal life.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

One Year!

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Super fast week!

Hey Family and Friends!
Not much happened this week, only it went by super super fast and the weather was fantastic!

Monday was Pday so we just relaxed all day and cleaned and then at night one of our investigators asked for her daughters to get a blessing because they had a really strong fever. One of the members of the ward helped us and gave one to them. Elizabeth she has so much faith, but it takes a little more strength to progress in the gospel. But she knows the priesthood is real and performs miracles.

Tuesday, we taught Tomas a recent convert and it was really hard for him to concentrate when we were teaching but he’s really excited because his friend Enzo is interested in the church and he wants us to teach him. We actually have a lesson with them today at 6!

Wednesday, Eduardo and Maria, the couple that’s married, they wanted to do something for us, so they taught us how to make Argentina pizzas and then after we ate them. It was really fun and great to get more trust with them.

Thursday, we had family home evening in the church and it was really cute because the lesson was to preach that the BOM is true. So the investigators and the members that came, we all got a chance to stand on top of a chair and share our testimony about the BOM.

Friday, We taught Tomas's mom after we had weekly planning. Carina had so many people in her house and we had the opportunity to teach her niece who was really interested because she’s studying right now with the Jehovah witness's but she liked the BOM and said she’ll read it, we’ll find out this week what’s gonna happen! We then taught Agustin, a new investigator! he’s 20 years old and wants to learn more about the gospel because he siempre went to other churches but now he wants to find out what we believe in. He’s very intelligent and sweet. My companion feel he'll be an awesome member. Haha. At night, we ended teaching the Briswuela Family, Sandra and Daniel is the couple and their kids weren’t investigators but now they are. They all have strong desires to learn more because the watch the show together as a family about "Moses" it’s a novela in Spanish. And they feel like they want to learn more and said that they’ll come with us to church on Sunday.

Saturday, not much happened, my companion didn’t feel that well and at night we had dinner with Hermana Masiel so we didn’t have much time today.

Sunday, Candelaria and SIlvia came to church. They’re both 15 years old and progressing so much in the gospel. But don’t feel ready for baptism. My companion and I have been fasting so much so that they can
feel ready and what we can do to help them. At times we just need to have more trust in Heavenly Father with our life. Especially if it’s something good.

And that was my week. I hope you all enjoyed yours and make this week
worth counting as a good week! I love you all.
Hermana Davis

CHALLENGE: Help someone be able to feel the spirit this week, bare your testimony, or share a scripture with someone. Everyone is a missionary in their own way!

The amount of huge bugs we have outside of our apartment!

My companion and I love popsicles!

Trash in the street everywhere we go!

Playing chess and taking selfies!

I stink at playing basketball. That shoot didn't make it. Lol.
The bike life.
Studies can be a little boring sometimes.

Heat, heat, and more heat!

Monday, for our district activity we played chess, poker, basketball and soccer. I acted like I knew what I was doing when playing poker because everyone thinks it’s so cool that I’m from Las Vegas but I really don’t even know how to play it. I actually really suck. Haha. Then at night we talk some less actives, and one of them is active now because she said they she felt really lonely and that the members don’t care about her but when we passed by and told her that she is important and a daughter of God, she hasn’t missed a single activity nor Sunday since the visit. So sweet Adalis! 

Tuesday, We taught the golden couple again Eduardo and Maria. They’re progressing and when we taught them the Plan of Salvation they said they want to complete everything they can so they can return to the presence of Heavenly Father.

Wednesday, we taught a recent covert after our district meeting and then a couple named Sandra and Daniel. Sandra and Daniel aren’t married but they’re very spiritual and said that they are looking for the right church right now and have strong desires to know which is the true church. This couple is so sweet and just want to best for their family. They have 4 kids and just want to have a guide for them in their life. I know that the gospel can help with their problems and unite the family. The gospel of Jesus Christ makes miracles.

Thursday, We had the FHE and Eduardo and Maria came. They were bored at first but once we got started they liked it because they go to know the members and it turns out that Maria is friends with one of the hermanas in the ward. Haha.

Friday, We didn’t have much time to do much because we had planning for the next week. But in the afternoon we taught a family and her kids. She always gives us food after and we ate fried chicken like always. Here in Argentina, they eat a lot of milanesa. Its chicken or meat cut really then covered in breading and then fried. it sounds really good but when you eat it every other day, not really. But were really grateful for what we receive and she made a spicy salsa to go on top so that was different. Because those who all know, Argentinos don’t eat spicy food at all. Haha.

Saturday, we visited a few families and in actives but they weren’t home. So we ended the day knocking on doors but no one wanting to open their doors but that’s okay.

And Sunday, no one came to church but Eduardo and Maria almost came in. They walked in front but said that everything looked like it was closed and the reunion started so they were scared but they said next time they’ll come in!

I love ALejandro Korn and the people here. The mission is crazy and full of experiences. I love you all. Chau!

CHALLENGE: Do something little this week for someone else. :)
Con Carino,
Hermana Davis