Serving from March 10, 2016 to September 2017


2 Nephi 31:20

Wherefore, ye must press forward with a steadfastness in Christ, having a perfect brightness of hope, and a love of God and of all men. Wherefore, if ye shall press forward, feasting upon the word of Christ, and endure to the end, behold, thus saith the Father: Ye shall have eternal life.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Choy Training!

I’m officially done with the program 12 weeks and I have learned so much. Helping God´s children gain that faith to progress and learn new things in the gospel. This week I learned that it all starts with faith. The second an investigator has faith and a relationship with our Heavenly Father, they will know the truth of all things. The work in Claypole right now is getting hard. We had 3 new investigators last week and two of them said that they don’t want to listen to us anymore because they don’t want to change their religion. Many people here are Evangelistas. And this religion is very religious. It’s okay though, because I believe they will accept the gospel when they need it most and don’t have that strong faith to overcome that specific trial. The gospel is unreal and there are always things to learn more every day. We only have one investigator that’s progressing right now; her name is Alicia and she’s a cute little old lady. She is so sweet and loves the Book of Mormon because she understands the words, and loves the spirit she feels in the church. This week she told she wants to pay fast offerings even though she’s not a member, so we were like okay, Bueno. Haha. We contacted great people this week and praying they soften their hearts and accept The gospel when we visit them this week. 
Things that happened this week!
My companion and I have this dog ear zapper thing and it has an ear pinching screeching noise that hurts the ears of dogs, so we used it this week and the dogs have three different reactions, it’s with they act possessed and their neck goes in all directions, they run away, or the zapper doesn’t work at all and they get even madder than before. It is so funny because there are so many dogs everywhere, so woohoo! This is how we enjoy walking in the streets. Haha.
My companion was in the bus with me and tons of people entered. My companion asked me if this is the stop and I said yep, let’s get off right now. I got off the bus, turned around and choy! The doors closed, the bus left with my companion. Haha. The next bus stop wasn’t that far, but that second I took my tag off and walked so slow, it was so weird not having a companion. I walked to the next bus stop and we then were reunited. Haha. We hugged each other and it was all better. So funny and weird experience. 
And lastly, walking around in the street, clapping in front of houses trying to find new people to teach, there then was a store with all different kinds of raw meat. These men were unloading a truck, they then took out a huge cow without its fur of course. But totally raw, a hug cow! It was the weirdest thing in my life, I had ever seen. sadly, I didn’t have my camera. But wow! Argentina people love their meat. 
I love you serving the gospel and doing God’s work here in Argentina!
Love you all, till next week! Choy!
Hermana Davis

P.S. Photo of the pretty sunset, and my comanions 6 months in the mish!

Feliz 7-Eleven!

I am definitely craving a Slurpee today so i hope you all go out and get your free Slurpee! Haha. 
Argentina has been great, wet, and muddy. Since the roads are practically all mud, it’s so fun, Jk. But this week my companion and I have been working very hard to reactivate the people that don’t have much of a strong faith in the gospel. The hardest thing is everyone in Argentina works on Sundays or have an excuse not to come to church because it’s cold, or have "Gripe". It’s like the flu, but even less. It’s like having a headache. But I love Argentina and everything all makes sense, there culture, the specific words they use, Ciesta! Okay, so I’ll explain Ciesta. It’s pretty much naptime for all the people in Argentina. They eat lunch and feel tired, so everyone leaves work and goes to bed for about 4 hours. And it’s actually a law here, that if you want to close your store down in the middle of the day because its ciesta, its fine. Even the schedule for kids and teenagers leave school to have Ciesta. The only hardest thing is that after we eat lunch there is none in the streets and it’s all dead, everywhere! Haha. But it’s okay, we still visit people and clap in front of their house hoping they open their door. So that’s exactly what we have been doing lately!

We now have 3 new investigators, Alicia Silva, Sonia and Rosio. All of them are references or contactos during the day. They have so much faith and just want to have an eternal family. I know the Lord guides us in the right direction because without the spirit there will be no way to find Gods children that are ready to listen to the gospel. I know Heavenly father loves all his children personally; we just need to have the faith in him and trust in him in everything that we do. 

This week I ate a Pig Tail! It is the most interesting thing ever, it’s like pure fat, and have to suck on the little links of the tail to get actual flavor, it almost looks like a spine. 
Bowling for the district activity! If you all know me I am not that good at bowling and yes I lost out of everyone but that’s okay. Also, I’m learning how to cook, I made pancakes from scratch and they were actually really good.

And finally, we had an activity combining 3 wards for Noche de Hogar or Family home Evening, in English. And it was a success; we presented a reenactment of the story about Alma and Samuel spreading the gospel and being able to have success with the help of the members! Obra Misional, and I played the angel. Haha. It was a successful activity and a lot of people showed up. Woohoo!
This week has been great and I am excited and grateful to have another traslado in Claypole with Hna Hernandez. I love you all!

Hermana Davis

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th of July!
So crazy it is already July, the time is flying by on the mission. This week was rain, rain and more rain. As I was walking in the rain yesterday it was raining so hard I just had to shout, so I did and no one heard me because I was pretty much in a shower. My companion thought it was really funny. We then went to visit a recent convert, Maxi, I was praying, praying he would hear us because here in Argentina when it’s raining, no one is alive in the streets, also there are no doorbells so you clap your hands, so we tried that, didn’t work because we were super wet, and then we shouted his name and his sister heard us. Little moments like this, Heavenly Father answers our prayers. It was thundering and lightning and we needed to be indoors at this time. It’s important we always remember the hand of the Lord in our lives, even with the small things. 

We made popcorn this week, in a pan with aceite, its actually not that hard.  I am slowly learning how to cook. Haha. So oranges are very cheap here so we bought 4 kilos de Mangarinas, I don’t know the conversion to pounds but it is so much oranges. I love Argentina and how fruit is cheap, and so so yummy. 

Intercambios este Semana! Intercambios helps me so much, I went Adrogue with the capacitadores and learned so much. It’s important always to enjoy the mission. At times it’s hard in the mission, but with the Lords help anything is possible. Claypole needs a lot of work right now with the members and Claypole B es Los Elders and Claypole A es nosotras made a plan to strengthen the members first to make the Gospel stronger and to have that platform. I love being able to help the people of Argentina and expanding the gospel, to make members enjoy the gospel just as much as I do. This week was a great week and it’s the last week of this transfer! I want to stay in Claypole but till next week, I’ll report to everyone! Love you all.


Hermana Davis

Quick message

Hola Familia y Amigos!
I don’t have much time but this week has definitely been interesting. Let me start off with, the hardest thing in the mission is having contacts with people because in Argentina they have this thing called ciesta. And it’s when everyone in Argentina sleeps from 11-5. It’s crazy because all of the stores are closed. 
Well I love you all, I ran out of time, till next week!!

Hermana Davis