Serving from March 10, 2016 to September 2017


2 Nephi 31:20

Wherefore, ye must press forward with a steadfastness in Christ, having a perfect brightness of hope, and a love of God and of all men. Wherefore, if ye shall press forward, feasting upon the word of Christ, and endure to the end, behold, thus saith the Father: Ye shall have eternal life.

Monday, November 21, 2016

New companion and Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!
I hope you enjoy your week so much and eat a ton of turkey for me because here in Argentina they don’t eat turkey sadly. Haha. Well this week went so great. I have a new companion that just started her mission. Her name is Hermana Rascon and she is from Chihuahua, Mexico. And yes don’t worry she knows how to cook yummy tacos so I get my fix for those next week. Haha. She is so sweet and adorable and teaches the gospel with so much love and patience. She has been a member all of her life and has so much energy to work hard and find new people to teach every day. 

This week we contacted a lot of people in the streets and taught a lot of lessons. At times it’s hard to teach lessons because Siesta or Nap time if you want to call it in English. Lol. Is for most of the time during the day from 12-5 in the afternoon and we can’t be in the streets after 7 and so were working our hardest to knock on specific doors and using the most of our time. We’re going to receive cards this week for Christmas for people to see the video to church made and for them to feel the spirit of Christmas much stronger. I’m so excited for this time of year because its focused so much in the importance of families. One thing I’m learning so much here on the mission, here in Argentina, is that the people here in Argentina don’t have much money and things in their houses. But what they have is huge families, a roof over their heads and food every day. At times we think we need a lot of things, but is it really that important? I have such a strong testimony that when we focus in the needs of others and forget ourselves, we will be the ones changing at the end of the day when we have given all of our efforts to the people that need that specific love and charity. This week is Thanksgiving, so don’t focus in what you want and need, but what you have and what you can give, so other people can have those same feelings you have and be greatly thankful and blessed. I love you all so much and hope you have a wonderful week. Felix Dia de Gracias!

CHALLENGE: Set a goal for yourself this week, and then tell Heavenly Father your goal. Stick to your goal and try to reach it within the week. You will truly see His hand in your week, helping you along the way to reach your goal.

Love you,

Hermana Davis

Friday, November 18, 2016

New Video clips!

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No companion today and lots of pictures!

Hello everyone!
So time is flying by and I’m going to be a trainer again but with a new missionary. I don’t know where she’s from because she arrives tomorrow. So I’ll go and pick her up in the house of the mission president and then after we start the adventure in Ciudad Evita 2. I’m very excited to train and I know it’ll be such an amazing experience. The mission is so crazy sometimes but I love it.  This week we didn’t do much teaching because we working and preparing for the play we had Friday. And so many people showed and investigators. It was a great turn out. A great memory to end with the best companion ever Hermana Ochoa. And then Sunday, my companion shared her testimony and it was the primary program and Ruben showed up. Our grandpa. It was so awesome and we had so much joy and love in our hearts for him. 

Today I am with a member because I don’t have a companion, loving the missionary life with her because she is an ex missionary, almost 2 years ago. The weather here in Argentina is so so so hot but it’ll be great to have people out in the streets and families preparing for Christmas! 
Challenge: Find something your sincerely grateful for in this life and share it with someone. 
I love you all and you’ll all find out who will be my daughter next Monday!

Hermana Davis

English class! It was the first day we invited the ward with invitations and investigators and it turned out great. People showed up. 
Choir Practice for the Christmas Presentation. Woohoo!

My companion fell during the week because it was a really hot day and she wasnt drinking water. My crippled companion! Sad but funny. Haha. 

I got sunburnt so bad so my companion put aloe vera on me, for me. Such a great companion. Haha. First time ever using it directly from the plant. She’s awesome. 

Receiving a massage from my neighbor! Hermana Molinero de Tucuman Argentina! I’m spoiled. 
My companion did my hair!
We bought earrings! We’re Same-Same. Haha.

Elder Moose likes to pray with us every night. Haha. 
Such a cute family. 

Saying goodbye to all the missionaries! Transfers!

The play we had! I’ll send more pictures after when I get more! It turned out so great. 

We received our zone shirts! So cute. 

8 Months and I can’t believe it!

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Last week until transfers

Last week until Transfers!
I am so sad because my companion has 3 transfers here in Ciudad Evita and I think she’ll be leaving and I’m so sad because she’s my best buddy! But well find out if she’ll stay or leave this Saturday. Yay. Haha. This week has been crazy, practicing in the choir, practicing for the play were going to present this Friday. So Ruben didn’t have the second interview for baptism because he looked up the church in the internet and found out about polygamy, we then explained why and that it happened also in the Old Testament that people practiced this but he said that he wanted more time. I’ve never felt so sad in my entire life. My companion and I cried so much together. He is the sweetest and most honest man ever. Literally like our grandpa. We know that he will be so blessed to be a member of the church and receive so much joy. He said that he wants more time. We respect his decision totally and are so proud of him so take it so seriously the significance we can have with our Heavenly Father. 

On Wednesday, we taught one of our investigators named Carlos and he also attended church on Sunday! He is from the country in Argentina, and doesn’t have much knowledge in the gospel and drinks a lot. While we were teaching him, were pretty sure he was drunk during the time, but the best thing about him is that he’s honest and very tender hearted. It’s very easy for him to feel the spirit. And the best thing is that he’s neighbors with a couple in our ward who both are returned missionaries, so they are visiting him so much. And it’s just such a great example for me, because how often do we actually know our neighbors. And so the challenge for this week for you guys is, GET TO KNOW YOUR NEIGHBORS AND DO SOMETHING NICE FOR THEM, SO THAT THEY CAN THEN FEEL MORE COMFORTABLE AROUND YOU, HAVE A RELATIONSHIP AND THEN SOON, YOU’LL HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY TO SHARE THE GOSPEL WITH THEM. 

We also have 3 new investigators this week who are so great. Their named Alejandra, Augustina and Julia. They are so lovely and interested to learn more about the Restoration of the Gospel and why the feel so much peace when they are with us during the lesson. 

Such a great week with so much sun and here comes the rain this week! I hope you all have an awesome week and I love you all!

Hermana Davis

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween everyone!
In Argentina they don't really celebrate Halloween because it's really dangerous and candy is expensive. But that's okay. So our mission president is starting to change the rules for us and one of the rules for Hermanas is that we can't proselyte after 7 o'clock. So we're using our time to the fullest and preparing for our play in the ward. 
This week I found out Hermana Calquin, the wife of my mission president has the same birthday as me! She said she'll invite me over to the mission home to celebrate together; I love the mission, so fun. 
This week has been a little crazy. On Monday night we taught Ruben and he’s just doing everything to be prepared for his baptism. He'll be baptized for sure this Saturday and I can't wait because there are so many blessings waiting for him. On Tuesday we helped one of the areas in our district receive more investigators so we proselytes all day with them and then at night, we had choir practice and were singing right now O holy night and Be still my soul. It's so beautiful and it just gets me so excited for Christmas. 

Wednesday, I bought a ton of eggs because they're so cheap here! Its 30 eggs for $2.50 in dollars. Crazy cheap I think. Haha. And then after we had exchanges and taught English class and a lot of people showed up being the first class. Hopefully people will invite their friends that aren't members. Thursday, we contacted a girl named Oriana about 2 months ago, I’m not sure if you remember the story but she couldn't see our face because her gate in front of her house was really high so all we did was shout who we are and that we want to visit her but we ended that contact in just laughing so hard, Anyway, we decided to contact this hilarious contact we had again, and she had time to listen our message and she is seriously so great. She doesn't have any knowledge in the gospel about Jesus Christ nor about Adam and Eve. My companion and I are learning so much how to teach so simple and not with a lot of information. At the end of the lesson she said that she feels what we’re teaching is so logical and that she feels it’s the truth and would like to continue to receive the lessons. She’s such a miracle to us because we've been looking for new people to teach for so long. 
Friday we had interviews with our president of the mission. It was very inspiring, I learned that everything we do in the mission doesn't only affect one person, it affects the generations after. It’s a great work this is. I love being a missionary. 

And Saturday we had another Tormenta Celestial where other companionships proselyte in our area to receive more people to teach. And during this day was  so so so hot. And so I got so sunburnt, that's why I have those pictures for you guys of my lovely sunburn. Haha. 

And Sunday we taught the last class with all of the members together about Missionary work and how we are all missionaries. You don’t need a tag that says you're a missionary, you just need to be a member and know in your heart that we have the truth and that the gospel is restored for ALL to receive it. 

This week I want to challenge all of you, family and friends to look for an opportunity to serve someone and end your service with a sweet message about the gospel. Maybe your testimony or about the importance of families. And know that after this experience you guys will have you'll feel the Savior's love extremely and love the he has specifically for you. 

I love you all. Until next week, Choy!

Hermana Davis

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Busy, busy, busy!

Family and Friends!

I just want to tell everyone that the Lord is always watching over us even in the little things. When we are so so so busy, somehow we have time to complete everything we need to do. This week has been insane but lovely at the same time. We are helping a member clean her house and organize it. She is an artist, and if you know how artists are, there is no organization at all. But I used my great powers and we organized the house Tuesday and Saturday, we almost finished, solo falta the kitchen. This family always helps us so it feels great to help them out.

 Ruben was sick Sunday and so he didn’t attend church so we changed the baptismal date to 5 of November. He is really sad and wanted to be baptized the 29th. He calls us his grandaughters and we call him our grandpa. I have never felt so much love so someone in my entire life. He is like family and doesn’t have family for himself and so right now it’s literally only us and the members that are starting to visit him. I know that this gospel is true because Ruben being 72 years old looking for the true church all his life, he has now finally found it and feels prepared to have this promise with his Heavenly Father. 

At times we think people will reject us or not show compassion but when we act with love. And speak like Jesus Christ did when the people made mistakes people will know what to change and how to change because of your desire to follow the spirit and help someone in need or resolve a problem. And so I have a challenge for you guys this week. In Argentina it’s a tradition to hug and kiss everyone you meet. Yes that’s weird to do in the United States but I don’t care. Hug and kiss all of your friends and family that you love so much, and if you are far away, send a loving note. 
I love you all so much and miss you. Until next week. 

Hermana Davis

Using short sleeves now everywhere we go! Woohoo!

The baptism of Laura. She was our investigator for one day because we found her first but she lives in the area of the elders. Darn it but she got baptized Saturday and seriously so beautiful!