Serving from March 10, 2016 to September 2017


2 Nephi 31:20

Wherefore, ye must press forward with a steadfastness in Christ, having a perfect brightness of hope, and a love of God and of all men. Wherefore, if ye shall press forward, feasting upon the word of Christ, and endure to the end, behold, thus saith the Father: Ye shall have eternal life.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Mosquitoes and Food!

Last Week of my first Transfer!
Hola everyone!
Let me just say the church is so true and when people feel the Holy Ghost that is when they accept and want to hear more about the gospel. We have 2 baptisms this Saturday and I can’t wait because they are just so excited. And also, we have two more investigators with dates for baptism. And it is actually my first baptism in the mission, Melaney’s mom and sister. Melaney is like a little missionary and just shares her testimony with her family and when we taught the Restoration with her family the spirit was so strong and we ended the lesson with all of us crying. I know that when we live worthy and want the Holy Ghost to be with us, he will influence us and our lives in many ways with blessings. But Faith and wanting to have the Holy Ghost with you is the first step. When we teach with the Holy Ghost that is when the investigator knows the truth of the gospel. 

This week I had intercambiars again, but with a missionary from Adrogue. And this was a test because I don’t know the area that well, but it was so fun because she is from Wisconsin and spoke English, so in the night in our apartment we just talk and talk. I knew the area though! With a map! Yay! Haha. There was Stake Conference Saturday and Sunday. The stake is smaller in this area, not that many members but the members are very strong. The problem is that there isn’t a lot of jobs, so people have little "Kioscos" attached to their houses, and they just sell dulces, treats, bread. So they work that all day and don’t have time for church, entonces its difficult to get people to church. 

I Was Attacked By Mosquitos! During last Monday, my district was walking around down town and then when we got home, I looked at my face and had like 15 mosquito bites on my face and hands. Yes, I looked Muy Fea! So Yay! Haha. I went downtown to receive my tramites! I think in English it’s my visa or permit to live here. But in the process, the employees were going over the information with me and wrote that I was a man and we had to restart the entire process again. Lol. But it’s totally fine. It happens! We just missed the train that’s all. Chiste! (:

I love you all and Hope you are enjoying your last few weeks of school before summer starts. Love you! Choy!
Hermana Davis

P.S. The pictures below are when my district and I went downtown on Monday and ate at a buffet and it was muy Rico! I have never eaten so much meat in my entire life. And the other picture is of me today in my apartment because why not? Haha.
P.S. No, I don’t think I can wear pants in my mission. I haven’t heard about anything concerning the rule change. But that’s awesome because it is so cold and I was attacked by mosquitoes so that’d be nice. Haha. 

Wednesday, May 18, 2016


This week was so great. My companion and I have 2 Baptisms in 2 weeks. Claypole is so ready it’s crazy. We also have an investigador, Daniela. Yesterday, she said that she wants to be baptized. That is a miracle because she has a lot of difficulties in her life that she is willing to sacrifice. Same with one of the investigadores that has a date for baptism in 2 weeks. He was an investigador for 4 years, but when my companion and I taught him the first lesson that was when he said that he was ready for baptism. That is also another miracle. I know that Heavenly Father called me to Claypole for a reason.

While proselyting this week, walking to an appointment I stepped into about 6 inches of mud. Haha. Yeah that was so great, we laughed so hard. So I was walking to the appointment without shoes, on the none paved road. And we get to the ladies house and she wasn’t even home. Lol. You could imagine how we felt. But it’s okay! Lol. Because after we found a little puppy that didn’t have an owner and we know of a family in the Ward that wants a puppy. So we asked the people in the área if it was theirs, and nope. Haha. We named her Ammon, yeah it’s a guy’s name but whatever. Haha. But we saved a puppies life and it made our day that much better.

On Saturday, my companion and I had the chance to participate in La Capilla Abierta. It is kind of like an open house to teach people little bits and what our church believes in. It’s an Amorso experience because in the morning we walk the streets finding, inviting people for the event in the afternoon. And then when it was time people come in pass through the chapel first and listen to the "Christ Prayer", I forget what it’s called. It’s the prayer that is usually in visitors centers and there is a cut out of Christ. After, we ask the people in the sesión how they felt, and it’s so spiritual because people that have not felt the spirit before are so overwhelmed and it is so beautiful. This experience made me love the people of Argentina even more.

When we are examples of Jesús Christ, at all times, in all things and all places, miracles truly happen. Smiling and just loving everyone is what is all about. Being happy and loving all God’s children. I love being a missionary and am finally feeling like one!

In the beginning weeks it was hard because I didn’t understand anyone but the language is definitely getting easier. The more I speak the happier I am.

I love you all! Write me and have an awesome week with warm weather. It’s so so cold here. Haha.
PS. Here are some pictures of my apartment, Show De Talentos, and an activity I had with my zone. We ordered 24 pizzas. Muy Rico!


And me and my companion in the "cyber net" café right now!

Also, Heres a picture of all the sisters at the Capilla Abierta

The activity with the district and tons of pizzas.

Here are some pictures of my apartment

And the best picture of all! The Argentina Temple.

One with the family that got married and we got to be there for the ceremony.

Monday, May 9, 2016

Mother's Day!

Feliz Dia De Madre!
I hope you all had an awesome Mother’s day. I loved talking with the family and hearing from you all. This week has definitely been a hard one so it was nice to feel a little piece of home. This week while proselyting and trying to find people to listen to us, but no one would and we were very busy trying to plan the Show de Talentos activity. But it is all okay now because this week marks my 2 months out in the mission and 1 month in the field and Spanish is slowly becoming easier. 

Not much happened this week, just getting colder and colder everyday here in Argentina. 
I love the gospel so much. And I just want to understand the people. But I will get there soon with work and the gift of tongues for sure! Haha. 

I love you all and hope you are smiling a lot. This week we had one of our less active families get married and we were invited. That was fun. Haha. It was just in court house type thing but the food after...muy rico! Also, Sunday my companion and I had 3 investigator and 2 less active families attend church. It is such a blessing they came. I love having the opportunity to help all God children come unto Christ. I love you all and hope you have a great day! 
Hermana Davis

Monday, May 2, 2016

Companion exchange for the day

Hola Familia!
This week was so great and a lot of things happened. So there is "mucho Barro" in the streets everywhere because it’s winter in Argentina, so it’s very cold and wet. But it’s great, Anyway, My companera and I were proselyting and ran into one of our investigators but I slipped and fell in the mud and the investigator kept walking, it was so embarrassing. Haha. 

Me being blonde in Argentina is the weirdest thing ever because all of the members always touch my hair and stare into my soul. Jk. But it is just like the experience in Japan. Pero, Esta bien!
2 Almuerzo´s yesterday and it was awesome except for the fact that the portion sizes here are huge, entonces I ate so much but the best part is, we were all sharing the same napkin, and it reminded me of Betty, if I can remember right in Brazil, Brazileans use one towel for the whole fam bam. It’s awesome though!

This week is "Show de Talentos!" and the elders in Claypole B and Claypole A (Mi and Mi Companera) are organizing the event and I’m hoping a lot of people show up. It should be fun! I had intercambiars or exchanges with the misioneras in Adrogue and it was so awesome seeing a different area of Argentina. My new companion for the day was Hermana Concenes. She is awesome and from Peru. 

So in my ward there is a family that has a son serving a mission in a different part in Argentina but it turns out that the Elder that hit me in the head with the soccer ball in the CCM is their son! It is so awesome and the girl that just got baptized, Melaney is his girlfriend! It is such a small world and I love the people here in Argentina. 
I love my companion and she is so awesome and patient. Spanish is picking up and getting better. I am understanding people now, not the whole sentence but I get the jist of what is going on. It definitely has been a great week because we have 3 investigators with Fechas! Whoop Whoop! Haha. The church is definitely true. 

Jesus Christ lives and the reason why he had to get baptized is because this is his church. Jesus Christ is perfect and we are imperfect but through the Atonement, through repentance and Jesus´s Christs example we can live with our Heavenly Father, like Jesus Christ. That is true love. Patience and Love is the things that I focused on being this week. Trying to be like Christ, to always have the spirit with you. 
I love you guys and hope you are staying warm, going into lovely summer! Because its winter Aqui! 
Write me!
Hermana Davis