Serving from March 10, 2016 to September 2017


2 Nephi 31:20

Wherefore, ye must press forward with a steadfastness in Christ, having a perfect brightness of hope, and a love of God and of all men. Wherefore, if ye shall press forward, feasting upon the word of Christ, and endure to the end, behold, thus saith the Father: Ye shall have eternal life.

Monday, April 25, 2016

First week in the field

Hola Everyone!
I don’t have much time but I’ll tell you as much as I can! 
Let me just tell you President Thurgood and his wife are so sweet and great. I love them so much. Our first day there we ate Argentine pizza and it was MUy Rico! Haha. 

I then met my new companion, her name is Hermana Villavicencio, and she is from Santiago Chile!
She is so sweet and amazing. I had my first baptism this yesterday! That’s how awesome she is. Her attitude and patience with me is awesome. Learning Spanish is very hard because people here slurr their words and pronounce words differently. I am hoping and I know that I will be able to understand my people soon. The People of Claypole A!

Claypole is a pretty populated area and so area is split in half with elders because there are so many people interested in the church. My mission had 60 baptisms just this month. That’s how much South America is ready for the gospel. Just this week my companion and I asked two people to be baptized and have we 4 investigators. I love the gospel and I love the people of Argentina! 

Something different about Argentina, there are huge cockroach’s everywhere. My companion and I helped a family clean their house on Saturday and there were so many it was crazy. Also, everything cooked here is always cooked in oil, always. And so yes, I will be a gordita. Haha. The Spanish is coming along because of my companion and the desire I have to talk to people. I bore my testimony at church yesterday and it wasn’t that bad, I think. Haha. 

The members are so sweet and giving. I am so happy to serve in Claypole and be a missionary. 
My spiritual thought this week is remember there is purpose for everything. The church, the Atonement, The Book Of Mormon, Baptism, and all the blessings in the temple is because God loves us so much. Always remember we are his children. 
Love you all! Write me! 

Forgive my bad grammar! I’ve been thinking is Spanish! Haha. 

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

She is in the field!

Dear Family,

We are writing to inform you of the safe arrival of your daughter in the Argentina Buenos Aires South Mission.  Attached here you will find a photograph of Sister Davis with President and Sister Thurgood.  Her trainer will be Sister Villavicencio and they are going to serve in the area of Claypole A. Their preparation day will be every Monday and you can expect an email letter on that day. 

Thank you for sharing Sister Davis with our mission.  We appreciate your support and also the fact that you have a daughter who wants to serve.  We will take good care of her!  God bless you.


Elder Pribyl y Elder Maldonado
Assistants to the President
MisiĆ³n Argentina Buenos Aires Sur

Thursday, April 14, 2016

My Click, 1 month mark

1 month mark! The counting down begins!

It was "Click" day on Sunday and that means I get to click my heels once because it has been one month already! It is insane how fast time has gone. Next week on Tuesday i get to go to my mission and the adventure begins. Speaking Spanish all day long, spreading the gospel to everyone and teaching real people. I am so excited for the field and to meet new people and of get a new companion. The CCM stay has been amazing. I love the personal relationships I was able to gain in my stay here. The teachers are like my older sisters and all of the hermanas are like my actual sisters I love all the people here and it is going to be amazing meeting new people in Buenos Aires Sur!

During proselyting my companion and I found a pregnant lady, and it was so amazing to hand her a L.D.M. Her face immediately lit up and she was so happy that we were giving her a book about the gospel being restored on the earth. Also, proselyting was great because I was able to buy ice cream again! Haha. Other than that, the people are so awesome, and loving here in Argentina. Our area we proselyted in was Buenos Aires Sur. It is definitely the poorer area in Argentina and kind of dangerous. But that area supposedly is where most of the elders serve because of the safety thing. Most of the hermanas serve in the country. My love for the gospel and Jesus Christ has grown so much while in the CCM. Living with Jesus Christ by your side and praying whenever you need Heaven Father or to talk to him is such a blessing. The relationship I have gained with Jesus Christ and the truthfulness of prayer is true. Love the gospel, Love the language and love the people. That is why I am here. To be a representative of Jesus Christ. 

This is my last time writing until two weeks because I won’t have a Pday next week. I love you all!
Hermana Davis
P.S. I attached some pictures of proselyting and eating ice cream,

My Click, 1 month mark.

And Buenos Aires Sur Missionaries!

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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Week Four

4 weeks down! Almost 1 Month!
It has been raining constantly here. It’s fun though because one day during the week we had no teachers because there was some miscommunication with the schedule so it was like another P Day and all of us missionaries went out in the rain without actual rain clothes on and played, sang HIlary Duff "Let the rain fall down" like back at home and it was so much fun. Definitely a highlight of my week. 

So I finally dreamt IN SPANISH! Though the people in my dream weren’t speaking Spanish only I was. But it is awesome it is getting to a point where I can speak Spanish all day. Obviously learning new words and such but overall my goal is to speak Spanish every day for this last week and a half here at the CCM. 
Alfajors are my favorite! They are this yummy cookie that has three of them stacked up with dulce de leche in between bathed in more chocolate, the entire alfajor is like 500 calories but it is so worth it. Haha. I love love love them. And the most fun thing about getting them is that the cooks here say " HO Ho HO, Feliz Navidad!" When passing them out to all of us. It is very fun. Everyone that works at the CCM are members. 

2 things I am sick of already is this program called TALL and it is how we learn Spanish on the computer and it is a church LDS program made by them. And secondly I am sick of my clothes already. Lol. Though I haven’t even used half of them yet. But still the ones I have unpacked for the CCM stay...Yeah no, Haha. I’m not feeling them anymore. 
Another thing that was so great this week was that some Hermanas and I sang Wicked and Baby Its Cold Outside from Elf and it made me feel like I was at home again. I loved it so much. It brought me back to home and singing with Madi and Betty all the time. 

My favorite part of conference was Elder Hollands talk and how important it is to live with Jesus Christ by your side. And forgiving yourself first before forgiving others. The Spirit can be so strong and living Christ like every day cleaving unto him can make a huge difference in ones like when wanting to do the right thing. The church is true and the book is blue. 
I don’t have much time left but i love you all and Write me! Almost done with my CCM stay and my Spanish is improving now. 

I was given more time so I get to write some more! 
Funny thing though, when we do laundry at the CCM it’s like a vacation. At home it is painful and you don’t ever want to do it but since there is the same schedule every day, laundry day changes it up so much. Lol. 
Also, this week I have been rubbing The statue of Nefi’s head. And it’s a tale if you rub his head your Spanish will improve significantly. Haha. Kinda funny. 
We get to go proselyting again this Saturday, I am excited though, nervous at the same time because it takes a lot of concentration to understand Spanish because the Latinos speak extremely fast. It will be fun though. I am excited.

Update on my hair do´s, yeah, Madi you would be disappointed, I go all natural with my hair and face. Occasionally I curl my hair but I hardly have anytime for anything. 
A typical day in the CCM is wake up at 6:30, drag myself out of bed. Lol. 
Get dressed and then go downstairs to eat breakfast. (They have cereal every morning at the CCM, so breakfast kind of really stinks. Haha.)
After we have prep. time, personal study, then comp. study. 
About 11 we then have progressive investigator/Language study. The progressive investigator lessons are very interesting and kind of a normal thing now because we now know that the people aren’t actual investigators just in proxy and that its just constantly teaching the same lesson but I know that is how the field will be, I know that I will have such a great love for my investigators. One of my I.P.´s dropped my companion and I because she thought that the church was hurting her family because she had many problems in her life but we stopped by at Genoveyva´s house again and she was doing better and wanted us to come back again. at that moment I had so much love in my heart for her and I just cannot wait to be able to actually teach and have these experiences. 
After, eat lunch, have TALL, and then go outside for activity, then class again for 3 hours, Dinner and then class again. And then bed time! And that’s the life of Hermana Davis at the CCM in Argentina. Lol. 
The amount of love and spirit that is in the hearts of people in Argentina is amazing. I love the gospel and I love you all again! 
Hermana Davis