Serving from March 10, 2016 to September 2017


2 Nephi 31:20

Wherefore, ye must press forward with a steadfastness in Christ, having a perfect brightness of hope, and a love of God and of all men. Wherefore, if ye shall press forward, feasting upon the word of Christ, and endure to the end, behold, thus saith the Father: Ye shall have eternal life.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

New Video!

See the video page for McKayla's latest video! (Sorry they are sideways)

New investigators!

Hey Family!
Not much happened this week and I don't have much time. But we found three new investigators this week. Two are Jehovah witnesses and they are 11 and 8 years old. Their mom has always been a Jehovah Witness but the little girls have doubts and the mom said it's okay that we can teach them! They are adorable. And also, these two little girls told us to talk to her neighbor because she said that she is interested in the church also and has a lot of questions about Mormons too. So we passed by her house and she is great! She is just like Riley, so chill and loves animals. This woman has 4 cats and 3 dogs and has tattoos all over her body but wants to feel close to God in her life again because she's going through problems in her family. We have an appointment with her tomorrow. So hopefully it all goes well! We have interviews with President Calquin this week and Wednesday there's a conference for all of the missionaries because the First Presidency is changing some things about the schedule for missionaries. So that'll be awesome! Well I love you all and hope you're all enjoying the cold because I’m dying in this heat. Haha. Chao!

Hermana Davis

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Ten months!

10 months!
This week was a great week with a lot of walking and clapping our hands in front of houses and no one opening their door, but at the end of the week it all payed off. On Monday, we had our district activity and made tacos and had a water balloon fight which was really fun. But we ended our day so tired because were used to rest on Pday. On Tuesday, I completed 10 months, woohoo and how fast. It’s disgusting how fast time is going, I love the mission so much, I don’t want it to end. We taught a woman named Ana Maria, she’s from Colombia and lived in Atlanta for 10 years with her husband, they got married there and she speaks perfect English. It’s great. We taught her the restoration with the Book of Mormon. The Book of Mormon literally has so much power to help people know that this is the only true church on the earth. She was one of the miracles we had this week because was only one of the people that wanted to learn more and became an investigator! We passed by a lot of less active members this week that are a little cold with their testimonies. We’ve been focusing a lot in trying to strengthen the ward because they want to feel united and the love in their ward just don’t know how. That’s why every Wednesday we have family home evening in the church so that the members can invite their friends and all their family and enjoy the night together. This week a lot of people showed up to the FHE. It was great because we bought pizza for everyone and it was just so cute with all the families and just everyone together. On Thursday we taught a less active family, and we applied what our president wants us to do and be direct with the people. When were baptized and we have the covenant or promise with our Heavenly Father that we will obey every commandment and do all we can so that we can return to his presence. If we don’t attend church were not clean and were not going to return to his presence. The importance that we can do everything to be happy and be pure like him and his son Jesus Christ. So that’s what we taught this family, and they promised they’d come to church on Sunday. Only part of their family came to church but they are trying which is good. we’ve been talking to a lot of people every day and one of the street contacts we did was with two young woman. They’re friends and live together, we gave them a BOM and said that will visit them this Saturday and teach them more about this book. So we went to their house Saturday and taught them and perfectly just a few days before we showed up to their house they were listening to other churches and didn’t feel good with them. We taught them the Restoration and set a date for baptism! 28th of January. We’re praying that they meet their baptismal date. And on Sunday was the last miracle, one of our contacts during the week names Juan came to church because we invited him and he’s been passing his life with a lot of problems of health. He came to church and we set a date for him also to be baptized 28th of January also. I know that when we put all our heart and energy into something we want to complete with all our faith in the Lord, The Lord will always to his part and even more so that these people and all his children can return his presence. I love the gospel with all my heart and I know that life is sometimes complicated or we don’t feel clean or sad or worthy or that we need to have zero problems to do things concerning the gospel. But I want to testify that with the Lord by our side through times like these, moments in our lives can change and our perspective of our life will change to be something beautiful. I love you all and have a great week!

Hermana Davis 

10 months in the mission!  Eating a gigantic slice of pizza.  Haha!

We made tacos for PDay!

Water balloon fight with the district!

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Baptism of Gabi!

Hey Family and friends!
I don’t have much time this week but this week was great and the baptism of Gabi was so beautiful. My companion and I gave a talk about the first vision of Joseph Smith and one of the elders played the piano and it was so great because the spirit was so strong. I couldn’t help but cry while doing it. Everyone didn’t want the baptismal service to end. This week found a new investigator that’s named Vanessa. She has two kids and is interested in the church because she never was taught anything but now that she has kids she wants her kids to learn good things and knows that the gospel will bless her family. We also taught an investigator named Sol. She is so bubbly and has so many questions but the greatest part is that she is married and is progressing. We want to set a baptismal date for her this week so that’ll be great! I love the gospel so much and so grateful for the gospel in my life. We are so blessed to members of the church of Jesus Christ he has so much love for us we can’t even imagine.  Love you all. 

Hermana Davis

Gabi's baptism!

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Happy New Year 2017

Happy New Year 2017!
I cannot believe 2016 is over and we are in 2017 right now. When did time pass by? Lol. I definitely loved every moment of 2016 and 2017 will be filled with even better things, I know it. This week was fun and a little slow because of the extreme heat and humidity. At night it’s so hot, I shower with the coldest temperature my shower can reach, and then get out and I’m sweating again. It’s so humid. Without humidity its fine. but there's always so much humidity. At night I’m praying in the middle of the night to have some help to sleep in the humidity because it’s so hot my body can’t rest. It’s kinda sad and funny at the same time. During this week, on Tuesday we visited two members, who are both brothers and kinda lonely, so we sang them a Christmas song with the elders and a couple who are members. As we were waiting outside to go into their house, I felt something crawl on my neck, I touched my hair and thought it was my bobby pin falling down, so I took it out of my hair. It then fell on my shirt. I looked down on my shirt and it was not a bobby pin, it was a huge beetle! I was literally freaking out and the elders thought it was so funny and it was actually really sad and disgusting at the same time. On Wednesday, we had our normal Family home evening in the church with the ward and I of course was responsible to watch the elders little investigator that is 6 years old. His name is Eric and he’s the most adorable thing ever.  During the FHE to keep him entertained, he was running back and forth on the stage and I was the bad guy and had to shoot Eric, and then he started to shoot me. Then we just started the game of guns and robbers. Haha. A game between a 20 year old and a 6 year old. Haha. We have an investigator whose named Gabi and he has autismo but has a desire to be baptized because he wants to pass the sacrament. And so were teaching him and his parents are both members, but because he has more than 8 years it’s a baptism for the missionaries. I love Gabi so much and am learning so much teaching him. How to teach things simply and with a lot of love and patience. I know that’s how Heavenly Father taught everyone when he was here on the earth. Our mission president said that his baptism this Sunday January 8th, will be a baptism of symbolism. Like Jesus Christ he didn’t have sins and was perfect but still wanted to be baptized to be an example for others. It’s the same for Gabi, he’s being baptized because he wants to follow the example of Jesus Christ. I love the gospel so much and hope you all put goals for this New Year to learn something new or something related to your spirituality and to grow a stronger testimony in the church of Jesus Christ. 
CHALLENGE: Think of a goal you want to do for this next year, but one that you will ACTUALLY do. :)

Love you all!!!!

Movie Night for New Years Eve!
We made breakfast for dinner. French toast, eggs, bacon, peaches with cream, and popcorn. So fun!
And watched the movie 17 miracles. 

We bought millanesa sandwiches and they were huge! Its fried chicken with egg, cheese, ham and lettuce. So yummy and bad for you. Haha. 

Sunday, January 1, 2017


Family and Friends!
During the week was the greatest thing ever and so fun! We found 16 new people to teach and majority of them are families, just pray that they don’t go on vacations so we can follow up with them. For my birthday we went to my mission presidents house and celebrated there because it was Hna. Calquins birthday also. So I got lucky. It was so fun. And then for Christmas Eve we ate at one of the members’ homes and got home. And then it was Christmas. And of course Christmas was the craziest thing ever because there was the craziest thunder storm outside. I have never actually been scared of thunder and lightning until the mission. The thunder was so strong I like felt it move through my body. But that’s how Argentina is and its kind awesome. And so of course we went to church but we didn’t want to use our rain boots so we walked to church with our flip flops and brought our flats in our bag. Haha. A memory we will never forget. And then for lunch we made soup and ate it outside. It was a great day, I love Christmas and the spirit that we feel being around people that our happy and just grateful that we have families here on earth to bring us this happiness. This Christmas was different because I didn’t get many gifts but to focus in the meaning of Christmas and the amount of love Jesus Christ has for us. I love the gospel so much and I hope you all can feel this same love I have. There’s always many things we can do better every day. So the challenge for this week for you all is make a list of the main things you did this year and the things you wanted to complete. And with the things you did complete but you could’ve done better or the things you didn’t do, make a plan, so that the year 2017 will be the year you make your dreams come true. Remember Heavenly Father knows all of our desires and our faults, And when we want to do something sincerely and work to get it he will help us because every single one of his children are important. And remember that God created a beautiful plan for us so that we can be perfect like him and live with him again. So make a plan as he did, and do all you can this year to complete your dreams. I love you all so much and hope you have a Happy New Year!

Hermana Davis